Book: Production Planning with SAP

I received the first copies of the second edition of my book “Quickstart into the SAP production processes (PP)” last week. So, it is available for you with your preferred book vendor or from my publisher. In this book, I give all newcomers an overview of the basics of production planning with SAP.

My Book about Production Planning with SAP


I start with the principle of manufacturing resource planning (MRPII) and explain approaches such as engineer-to-order or make-to-order. This introduction is intended to enable all readers to get started on the topic of production planning.

A simple example follows the explanation of the SAP-specific master data in the second chapter. To do this, I show you the material master, the BOM, the work centre, and the work plan. In the material master, the focus is on the data that is of particular interest for production planning with SAP.

In the third part, I then explain the processes of production planning with SAP ERP. I am also involved in sales and production planning as well as in performing material Requirements Planning (MRP), working with production orders and completing capacity planning. A glossary and a list of important transactions complete the book.

Target group

As I said at the beginning, this book is aimed at newbies. If you already have experience with production planning in SAP ERP, you may not learn much new. But just for you, I decided to start this blog. Here I will regularly write about topics related to production planning with SAP and thus also cover topics that are of interest to advanced users and SAP consultants. Enjoy reading!